We have had a lot going on over the month of March.  We have been holding the soup kitchen each Wednesday, several work nights, and we took a group of 8 on a mission trip to Haiti.  Now that we are back, we are returning our focus to spreading the word about the soup kitchen and going through a lot of the bikes.  We need to resupply our parts and make several new bicycles.
     We have averaged about 8 people each Tuesday and Thursday night for work night.  This is a good number, but we really hope to see it grow.  Many people think they will not have a good time, or be that useful on a bike night because they have no knowledge of taking a bicycle apart.  Well, you need no previous experience to join us for a work night; all you need is a willing heart and a love for people, we can teach you the rest.
    During the month of March, we provided over three dozen meals to different people in our county!  Each week we have a different amount and usually different people, but it is exciting to see people coming to join us.  We have found that a lot of people have the understanding that one must be homeless in order to eat at the soup kitchen, this is not true.  We want to provide meals for any family, or person,  that has a hard time paying all the bills each month.  We hope that us providing your family dinner each night can help alleviate some of the stress from normal bills.  Please help us get the news out to all those around.  If you know of someone who is not able to leave the house, for medical or age reasons, please let us know if they have a need for a meal each Wednesday, we can deliver to anyone in need.
    As always, we need everyone's help with finding groups to come to the shop.  We are hoping to find youth groups, men or women groups(all ages), school groups, team sport groups, or any other organization that would like to bring a group to the shop.  If you are part of a group, or if you have a kid/teenager involved in a group activity, please try to talk to the person in charge and see if they would consider bringing the group to the shop to help out with these bikes.  If we are able to get just a few groups each month it will help us make incredible progress on these bicycles.
           If you are a regular volunteer, thank you so much... please continue to serve with us.  If you have not made it, please make time and come see what it is all about.  If you have any open dates available, or if you know a group that would like to schedule a work night other than a Tuesday or Thursday, please CONTACT US! We could use the help!
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